Dashboard Hibachi is the folk/pop/noise side-project of Vermont musician Jedd Kettler. Kettler is also a member of Vermont's folk/rock/experimental band, Farm, with Joshua Givens and Ben Maddox. Kettler has been writing and recording his own music since the early 1990s, mixing folk, indie, bluegrass, and Asian folk influences, using guitar, morin khuur (Mongolian horsehead fiddle), banjo, bamboo flutes, kitchen and carpentry percussion, and electronic distortions.

Kettler has released/recorded six previous solo projects, and was a member of a handful of Burlington bands in the 1990s, including Eef, along with Michael Barrett, Zachary Ward (both of Guppyboy and Sixth Great Lake), and Brad Searles (of hover, The Four Color Manual, Starlight Conspiracy, The Also Rans, and Bradley's Almanac.)

Photo by Launie Kettler, "Power Outage, June, 2012"